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In: France Créé le: 13.08.2020

Nous nous présentons :

Since 1991, our association has been a remarkable player in the field of training in new technologies and management.

It also works with so-called "disadvantaged" groups and is aimed in particular at people who, whatever their living conditions, level of education, sex, origin or language, have an idea that could contribute to improving local life, especially through environmental issues.

This project will ensure the institutional and media promotion of these ideas and accompany these people from the beginning to their successful completion.





  • Site web: ESP
  • Interlocuteur ou interlocutrice: Pierre PAQUIER
  • Téléphone: 0672792587

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Engagement citoyen / dialogue intergénérationnel


Quand: 01.02.2021 - 02.12.2021 Créé le: 25.10.2020
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Travailler ensemble

Making the invisible visible, in the service of collective interest as the chances of success are not equal for any citizen.

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